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The fact in my life for You all

Here I am

You are all welcome in my blog. This is the first time, I am writing for you. Trust me, you may be happy or not but you will never lose anything. Hope you all will be with me.

I am very pleased to get an opportunity describing myself here. I am honest, simple minded and always helpful to others. My friends and relatives like me very much.
computer science and enguneering
computer science

Yes, I am studying Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) in Northern College of Bangladesh. My name is Abdur Rahim. I am 19 years old. I want to be a successful freelancer and I am trying hard.

I am the last kid of my family. I have my dearest mother, two sisters and one brother. And my sweetest grandmother lives with us. My mother controls the family. Her presence is a blazing wind for all time that I do not miss anything.
family loves

  My mother is my life. Everything I do, do for my mother. Her smiling face is more than anything to me. My father was expired when I was one. Since then, my mother has been taking care of us. She loves me very much, and this is my energy to step ahead. We enjoy a happy family with all.

Presently, I am enrolling an SEO training course under Bangladesh Institute of Technology and Management. (BITM). I will do better of course. I believe, this country will be changed and the people will get their rights and peace one day. My dream is not only to make me a self-dependent person but also to build a developed country. I like to ensure harmonious life for all.

Little bit about me I want to say further…..

ü  The educational system of Bangladesh, this should be modernized and practical oriented comparing other countries.
ü  We should feel for all and want no more corruption.
ü  Traffic Jam free communication is wanted.
ü  We should respect all, love and work for our nationality.

I love…..

I like reading books, listening life concerned music, watching sci-fi movies, visiting historical places. I like browsing websites and watching channels of You Tubes. Online games are preferred to me most. I enjoy solving online problems.

How I am here today

Once I opened my eyes and I got some people around me, whoever they were, were my well wishers I guessed. I peeped and peeped and the love I could feel was around me and I was eager enough to receive all showing them smiling face of mine.
mother loves me
I discovered my mother was totally different from others, and my father was so. I cannot remember my father, no I cannot, I lost my father when I was very little. I heard he was a businessman.

Mournful past
I did not get my father’s affection, when a baby walks with its father catching his hand, wants its wishes will come true then I did nothing. I saw my friends playing or waiting for their fathers and the fun. How it is I cannot describe. I cried a lot and I forgot every single mourn watching my mom’s face.

My mother says, father wanted if I were a learned person. I like to fulfill my father’s dream anyway. And this is my power. After my father’s death, the condition of our family went down, this was like we lost our rudder.  And we did not understand what to do. Mother says, on one we had beside us to help except Allah (Jallah-Shah-Nu-Hu).
My grandmother came and stood beside us, she took us to her shelter. We had been waiting for the better days. And day by day I was growing up. I could realize this lose united us and gave force to move ahead. I believe in Allah (Jallah-Shah-Nu-Hu), the only God of the whole universe and Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) is his messenger. I believe everything is good what is done by Allah (Jallah-Shah-Nu-Hu).

Grandmother, my best friend

My grandmother was my best friend. I saw her becoming happy when I was happy and sad when I was sad. Till this day she has been helping my mother as well as our family.
grandmother loves me

I can remember, one day I was sad and went to bed early, took no dinner. My grandmother knew this, even though this went late night; she rose up, cooked food and fed me.
This may be said that I could not get this day happened without the help of her. I love my grandmother most. I wish my grandmother live long.

Dreams I dreamt in my early life

I saw my mother was sad sometimes. I tried to make my mom happy always. I dreamt to be a great man in my life. At all times, I tried to bring happiness for my mother.
I had a dream in my childhood to be a pilot. And now, I am in the process of being pilot in my life through becoming a freelancer.

Education I won

A primary school (68, Shajalar Char Govt. Primary School) of Chinar Char, Jamalpur was my first school. This is ever fresh in my memory, I went to my school with my older sister. This was really amusing and full of dreams. I got many friends over there. I completed five years of education successfully and obtained my primary certification from this institute.
our college
Then I admitted into Benuar Char M. H. High School in class six and I passed my S.S.C exam in 2013.  I passed my H.S.C life in Sherpur Govt. College, passed in 2015.

Visited place of my life

Jamalpur district is my birth place. I wished to study in a public University of Bangladesh. For this, I had to visit some public universities as well as the districts.
visited place
beautiful place

I visited Dhaka University, Jahangir Nagar University, Jagannat University, Chittagong University, University of Barishal. I visited Tangail district, Mymensing district etc.
I love visiting historical places also. I wish to travel around in my leisure time. I believe I will visit the world one day.

Eating habit

Rice is the staple food of Bangladesh. We feel proud that we have various types of tasty and spicy foods. I like Bereany of Bangladesh most, I like noodles also. I can cook rice, flesh and vegetables etc. My grandmother helps me to cook foods.

First love

One of my friends fell on love with a girl and he used to say me always. Somehow this reflected in my mind also, I thought if I had one. Slowly I realized this is an important part of life. Truly speaking, I fell on love when I was in class six, she was in the same class. This was running and the time was flying very fast. But I lost her. She got married when we were in class eight. This was a very shocking fact of my life. I thought I had lost everything.
do not love me
lost love
No, I lost something and I had many things to win in life I realized again.  And this was only a part of my life. Then I involved my entire time on the purpose of study.
After that my life was totally changed. Now a day I am much more realistic for my career. Yes I know now, career comes first and the other things are the sequential steps of live.

Power I received

One of my senior brothers says, when a guy fights for a silly single chain breaks the other chains of the society and he cannot be everywhere at the same time. But who keeps his fundamental chains of the society can win most of the things, even he does not need to be present everywhere. Fact itself will round him. And he can design his life by himself.
Yes, everything I have, nothing is lost. Go, go man, watch what I have next is my passion on the way of my life.

Turning Point

Couple of months ago, I received my H.S.C certification and the time came to choose a career for me. This was a tough work of course.
My cousin Kazal Hossain a fresh graduate of International University of Business and technology (IUBAT) just started freelancing is a hero of my life showed me the sensible and practical view of career. Then I decided to enter into freelancing. Then I got my reason why I will be a freelancer, tried to get good training and practical oriented knowledge of freelancing. What should I do, what should I do, finally I have got an opportunity to be an SEO trainee in Basis Institute of Technology and Management (BITM). I feel proud of these all. I hope I will be capable to complete the SEO certification course. All the praise goes to Allah (Jallah-Shah-Nu-Hu). I am grateful to you all. I expect and believe that you all will assist me always.

Upcoming world

To work independently for other party may be called freelancing. But we are talking all the works done on line.
This gives opportunity to be my own boss. The working schedule is fixed by me. This is more than any kind of jobs for all time. Time is flying and the world is changing very fast. Now a day, the world is defined as the global village. People are sharing their activities by internet. And these actions are becoming famous and easy gradually.
One can get all kinds of supports from internet. And the upcoming days can say how big will be the market area. Just sitting home one can get his desirable job. O my god! A lot of various jobs are waiting. Look which one may suit. Yes, one should not be concerned about time, political harassment, social barrier, natural problem. Just be happy, learn fast, get the job done and be paid. One can enjoy full freedom. What do I need more?

Freelancing, is the work hard or easy!

No work is easy in the world. We need standard certification. We need to pass the job exam and training for a good job. In the same way we need guidance and practical oriented knowledge for freelancing job. Anyone who is interested can approach for this.
frelancing is best

A handsome numbers of people are involved in this sector, and day by day the amount is increasing. Bangladesh is also counted competitor in this sector.

More revised Plan I included

Now my vision is clear to me that I want to be a freelancer in my life. And the mission already started, I am on the way of being a freelancer. Necessary support I have. BITM is playing the important role for me. And I cannot pay back the assistance what I get from Brother Kazol Hossain.

Wishes I have

·         I wish to have a happy and solvent Family.
·         I wish to fulfill my father’s dream and watch my mom’s smiling face.
·         I wish to be beside my relatives and friends.
·         I wish to work for the street kids.
·         I wish my country Bangladesh as the developed country.